Help save the land by the River Beane


What is happening?

The land by the River Beane adjacent to Beane Road near Hertford North station is up for auction in four lots. We would like to try to purchase as many of these lots as possible to ensure the land remains in its natural state and is preserved for the community.

When is it happening?

Soon! The auction to sell the land takes place on 19th June 2019, so we don’t have long.

What can I do?

Please join our Facebook page: Land auction near Beane River/Hertford North

If you have particular skills or expertise or time that you can lend to this campaign please let us know. We’d love to have you.

Can I donate?

Yes please! We are crowdfunding, hoping to buy as many lots as we can afford to ensure this serene place remains so. The targets are ambitious – we need at least £50,000, so if you are able to help in whatever way, please click here.

Beane Marshes Conservation Group