The River Beane Restoration Association (RBRA) was established in 1991 and with the main objectives of improving the environment and resolving the low-flow problems of the river. These objectives are supported by all the Parish Councils of the villages in the Beane Valley and also by the Hertford Town Council.

The RBRA has actively highlighted the problems caused by over abstraction, for example, the upper river running dry during most summers, and has involved local MPs, who have proved to be very supportive.

The Environment Agency has recognised that the only way of increasing flow and improving the environment in the upper reaches of the river is to drastically reduce abstraction at the Whitehall pumping station, or close it completely.

In June 2014, a proposal by Affinity Water to reduce the output of the Whitehall Pump Station by 90% was accepted by OFWAT. This involved building a pipeline from a nearby source at Sacombe which was accepted as being sustainable. The pipeline was built and commissioned in April 2017, one year earlier than planned.

RBRA meetings are held several times a year and any interested persons are invited to attend.